Founder + Owner

A former engineer, serial entrepreneur and creative developer who enjoys painting famous people and handsome bodies. Yes, you will soon learn Pop Up and Paint was created around hosting the dopest paint parties ever!

Sydney has always had a creative mind and hand. She participated in Google’s Startup for Entrepreneurs weekend. Her passion for charity and technology bred an ingenious idea, that she named, Giver. Pitching a business model for a mobile phone app, for users to pay businesses for the retrieval of goods/services, Sydney placed 9th out of 140 and 1st in the final business model pitch competition. This success motivated Sydney to begin programming the application to integrate with secure payment gateways to protect app users, communicate with broad range point of sales systems for seamless transactions and building partnerships with businesses to rewards app users for their charity. The rapid progress of the app awarded Sydney, in funding and mentorship, for further development by winning Spring Arbor University “SpringBoard” pitch competition.

In April 2017 she attended her first paint party, sparking an idea to amp up the fun and the experience of paint parties. She loves modern pop art and wanted to mix traditional paint & sip art with modern and hip art forms. Never being a painter or taking an art class, she’s been able to relate to others much similar seeking an experience with good music with friends in small towns. So, she opened the doors to Pop Up and Paint!

She is passionate about Beyonce, her cat Bentley and teaching teen girls how to create with code. When she’s not working, throwing paint parties or volunteering with teens; she travels around the world to check off her must see aquariums & museums bucket list.