About us

pop up and paint

a trendy + modern paint & sip company


At Pop Up & Paint, we host public and private paint and sip events at bars, restaurants, clubs and entertainment venues. Our events are hosted by dynamic instructors for groups up to 50 people. We have three primary locations, Michigan, Washington and Missouri, where you can always find a pop up paint party happening. Every spring and summer we tour many states bringing the one of a kind iconic art paint party experience.

Pop Up and Paint is set on a mission to spark creativity, encourage collaboration and unlock freedom of expression. We offer creative crafty events for families who want to reconnect, friends looking for new activities or companies looking for effective team building.

Looking ahead, we will continue to expand our reach and art to offer even more and better diverse artworks. We will continue to spark creativity and create a fun atmosphere for families, friends and teams.

Believing in giving back is key, that’s why we create partnerships with businesses and organizations to offer collaboration opportunities and team building activities as well as launch fundraisers for public charities.

Join this vision and build a more creative, happy and harmonious world. It does start with you! See our events here!

frequently asked questions

Our staff tries its best to answer all questions. You can always contact us via social media, email or phone. We have policies in place to ensure all of our customers have an enjoyable experience.

How much are events?
The price for events are typically $35 per person. We have events as low as $25. If events include food and/or drinks, tickets could be $45 or more.
Are reservations required?
Yes, all guests must reserve in advance with payment.
Is there an age limit?
We find paint parties appropriate for ages 6 years and older. We offer a variety of art for all ages. We recommend ages 16 and older for our adult painting events.  Please note specific age requirements will be noted in the event description. Some age restrictions are out of our control.
What if I need to cancel?
If you must cancel your individual reservation, we need at least 48 hours notice for a refund. Tickets purchased less than 48 hour before an event are final. “No Shows” will not receive a refund or store credit.  Cancellation for private events must be made by the reserving party.