Meet Ivanna

Michigan native, Ivanna started painting at 7, and never looked back. She has worked as a freelance artist and first started instructing at community centers in 2017.

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Meet Abbigail

Meet our new Art Instructor Abbigail, 22 years old & currently resides in Albion, Michigan

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frequently asked questions

How much are artist paid?

Artist are paid $15/hour for parties less than 20 people and $20/hour for parties over 20 people. Artist are paid at the completion of the event via PayPal. Artist host parties from 2-3 hours each event.

What are the requirement to be an artist?

You must have experience with acrylic painting and providing instructional painting. You will need a PayPal account, reliable transportation, pass a soft background check, and maintain a positive review with our customers.

How do I book party gigs?

Once a party has been booked or an event has sold at least 5 tickets, we will post the events on the artist portal with the details and form to sign up to teach the class. We will also send weekly emails about party availability and when new events have been added to the artist portal.

What are the terms of the Artist Agreeement?

Artist will:

  • Arrive to the event 1 hour in advance to set up for the event and greet
  • Take attendance of customers
  • Take photos of the event at the start, middle and end of the event
  • Upload photos within 24 hours
  • Display Pop Up and Paint marketing materials
  • Hold a social media like contest and gift prize to highest winner
  • Attend at least one paint party training
  • Clean Brushes and cups after each event
  • Pack and return all materials as they were given
  • Return unused canvas, attendance list and the painting created during the
  • Will clean and return the space to its original condition
  • Provide quality customer service

Artist will not:

  • Promote their business or services while being paid by Pop Up and Paint
    or during a Pop Up and Paint event
  • Post images or artworks from the paint event to their social media site or
    website without explicit consent from Pop Up and Paint
  • Will not cover or hide any Pop Up and Paint logos, branding or trademarks

Pop Up and Paint will:

  • Provide artist with advanced notice of event details
  • Pay artist within 48 hours after the event $15-$20/hour (max of 5 hours)
  • Provide all materials to host the paint event successfully
  • Provide customer support via phone or email
  • Provide marketing assistance
  • Provide instructor with class materials for the event
  • Coordinate any additional agreements or obligations with venues or
  • Provide an attendance list, materials, and procedures
  • Provide training and schedules


  • The agreement shall be perpetual.
  • The agreement is binding and any confirmed events the artist has made written or verbal commitment to is binding.
  • If artist cancels their commitment less than 10 days of the event date, Artist must pay $350 event cancellation fee immediately.
  • If artist cancels their commitment within 24 hours of the event date, Artist must pay $1000 event cancellation fee immediately.
  • After 1 short term cancellation, the agreement will be terminated and all fees for cancellation are to be paid immediately or be subject to criminal charges.
  • The agreement can be terminated by either party giving ten days written notice to the other party.
  • Pop Up and Paint has the right to cancel an event at any time with or without reason. However, we make it a practice of providing at least 24 hour notice of any changes or cancellations.
  • The Agreement shall automatically terminate with the death of the Artist; the death or employment of the business elsewhere;¬†or the Business becomes bankrupt or insolvent.