Who Are We | Pop Up & Paint

Located in Downtown Jackson, Pop Up & Paint is taking the community of Jackson, MI by storm with an innovative way to relax, interact and create.

Pop Up & Paint is an original lounge with creative collaboration and art at its core. Families, children, friends and coworkers can join energetic instructional classes and freestyle painting using canvases or ceramics with snacks and drinks added to the mix.

Our Mission

We are set on a mission to spark creativity, encourage collaboration and unlock freedom of expression. This creative lounge offers solutions for families who want to reconnect, friends looking for new activities or companies looking for effective team building.

At Pop Up & Paint, we host public and private paint events with dynamic instructors and plenty of activities for groups up to 35 people. Our team works in unison to develop interesting activities and create memorable experiences.

Our Vision

Looking ahead, we will continue to expand our activities to offer even more and better to our community. We will continue to spark creativity and create a fun atmosphere for families, friends and teams.

We also believe in giving back, that’s why we create partnerships with local businesses to offer collaboration opportunities and team building activities as well as launch fundraisers for public charities.

Join this vision and build a more creative, happy and harmonious world. It does start with you!